Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day dinner we pulled out a bottle of wine that we got in October 2007 during our visit to Portland’s wine country. This was a 2005 Black Cap pinot noir.

BlackCap Pinot Noir

Black Cap is the wine made by the son of the founder of “Eyrie Vineyards”:, Oregon’s first vineyard and essentially the pioneer of pinot noir in Oregon. “He died a few months ago”:, unfortunately. If I recall the story we were told correctly, Jason’s dad wouldn’t give him the job of winemaker at Eyrie so he made his own wine to prove that he could do it. Today, he is the winemaker at Eyrie, so I guess it worked. 🙂 “Here’s an article”: on Black Cap and Jason.

Anyway, it was a very good bottle. We generally don’t spend much on wine since I (we) don’t really notice much difference in wines once you get above $15-20/bottle, but on special occasions when we do have a good bottle we appreciate them more.

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