Super Bowl XLIII party

We ate well during the Super Bowl. Megan made 7-layer dip, a really good guacamole (nicely salty) and veggies and dip. Gay made “Primanti Bros”: sandwiches and cup cakes that we both decorated. Coincidentally, Megan had the same cupcake idea and she made similar cupcakes with the Steelers emblem on them.

Primanti Bros sandwiches

Super Bowl cupcakes

The beers we had were “Full Sail Amber”: that Jon & Megan brought over and we had Sierra Nevadaa’s “Torpedo Extra IPA”: (a double IPA which was new to me), Pike Pale (a low-alcohol beer well-suited for football games) and “Lagunitas IPA”:, but that was intended to be “Lagunitas Pils”: After the game we popped a bottle of “Schramsberg”: champagne to toast the Steelers. Surprisingly, I was not hung-over in the morning. although that game was worth having a hang-over for.

Jon & Megan

Steelers family

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