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  1. Troy if you *only knew* how many around the world, have breathed a massive sih of relief that Obama is now in Office, we have hope that out world will be safer, better informed, more tolerant, and generally more intelligent. Cudos for the people in the USA who voted for him… My Hubby hates getting onto the computer, but even he was looking on-line at the inaguration. THAT is the impact that Obama has.
    Not only is Obama “on-line” he is, even more importantly: ” in tune”
    I know that the road ahead will not be at all easy for the USA, but at least they have chosen a most competent human being to lead the way. I love it too.. I have hope.. not just for me, btu for my Children.

  2. McCain/Palin… I was seriously worried about them as I had issues with their honesty. Time Magazine ran an article on the McCain’s in one issue: when they met they lied to each other about their ages, she says she’s older, he says he’s younger.. EACH of them found out the others *real* age when the signed the marriage certificate. Maybe no big deal for some… but if *my* hubby had lied to me like that and not fessed up well before signing on the dotted line I would have been wondering what else he was capable of lying to me about.
    Then the article talks about the Korean child they adopted… Cindy had already decided on the adoption but the article makes it clear that she “didn’t tell her husband the they would be keeping the child permanently until *after* they were back in America”… um…sooo she sat on the plane the whole way back and never thought to discuss such a life changing issue with the person closest to her, and most affected by this bombshell???? It’s not like it ‘s only a 45 minute flight home after all…
    Both, worryingly, by the way that these interviews read, seemed proud of these facts… to me that says a massive amount about charactor, or lack of it. If you are ready, willing and able to carry out these kinds of deceptions towards your spouse, then what might you have no conscience to do against people you don’t even know?
    And Palin and the whole favours and firings debacle, another one for whom favouritism, nepitism and revenge appears to be apparent. Just the values that the deputy leader of the worlds strongest nation needs, right?
    No, please don’t read that I am anti american.. in fact I debate often with many of colleages who collectively represent 26 European nations and on days when topics get heated it’s usually me defending the USA. ( although sometimes after the way some of them moan about the rest of the world, goodness knows why)I just don’t think that McCain/Palin would have been wise choices for *any* governing authority, no matter which country.
    They are also a pair that the rest of the world dreaded the thought of doing business with… so relief is actually a very light word to describe the fact that Obama has made it into the White House. I could add many many more words…
    There was a Dutch TV programme that interviewed Americans living in the Netherlands, pre election, on 4th Nov and post election… their views were very very very interesting watching and they said many things of great value and that displayed a depth of understanding of the position, reputation and attitudes, of how the USA is viewed from outside… but not like as outsiders would have been seen as ” attacking” the usa.. more like a fish outside the fish bowl commenting in the fish and the going’s on inside the fishbowl while the cats and other animals just listened.
    Phew… basically if McCain/Palin had been voted in, half the world would have been in line to request your bullet (to use on themselves LOL)

  3. So does that mean that some people actually love to be hated? ar at least disliked?.. wow, there’s a thought. startling.
    Discussions with friends here reveal that a lot of people think that America does
    A)a lot of things very well (but not always using the right methods to do it)
    B)many things “ok” and
    C)a few things very badly indeed.
    It’s *not* to say that we think that any of the various countries that we represent does things any better or any worse, the French say the same A,B,C about France, the Greeks of Greece etc… in fact they can complain very well and in great detail about their own national systems LOL
    What we mostly agree on is how the USA is the most defensive of this A, B, C “fact” as it applies to them and their attitude to any outside crititism of it. (ok I am generalising here, not *all* americans obviously), but as a view of others looking in… the one with the loudest voice and loudest Hawaiian shirt gets the most noticed right? the quiet ones melt into the background and are unobtrusive and come and go like everyone mostly does. eg) It’s usually the most extreeme offenders of attitudes who draw attention to themselves from any nation and thus the reputation that they earn on behalf of the more moderate majority.
    Why would someone loved to be hated? do they think that others are jealous of them? that they are better than others? superior in some way? stronger ? or … ????? I’m trying to get into the mindset of why someone would like to be disliked and quite frankly, failing. It doesn’t make sense to me. …are you talking about USA’s friends or about USA’s ememies?
    I do wish that the notion of being ” patriotic” was not attatched to any thought that critism of your leaders is wrong, I can only speak for New Zealand and The Netherlands, but in both places it would be widely considered to *more* patriotic to stand up and hold your Govt and their leaders to account if you feel that they have stepped over the line.
    It it seen as a way of gently reminding the people who lead us that they are accountable to the people, sometimes it’s done with public jest, as well as demonstration or anything more outspoken etc. Nowhere in NZ/NL is it seen as less patriotic to do so… in fact it would be patriotic *not* to do so… like the NZ member of Parliment who was found paralytic in a gutter reeking of alchol, *his* version of events and how he got there was that two men beat him up as he walked home from late night Govt business… of course they didn’t want to call him a liar so the local newspaper covered the piece and then added that the end that the police were looking for two assailants believed to be locals by the name of ” Jim Beam and Johnny Walker” 🙂
    Ok it’s a very minor example but you can always find a way to keep your leaders in line if you are both informed and have your finger on the pulse and creative enough. being able to take a ” mick” out of yourselves both personally and as a nation is very important sometimes. heck, the Dutch even have a joke that includes their Royalty *and* an ex Prime Minister ! (and it’s funny).

  4. It’s not a desire to be hated but a desire to “win”. I think a lot of Americans think of the world as a zero-sum game: for America to win everyone else must lose. I’m not sure what people think winning gets them, though. In spite of being the most powerful country economically and militarily (how we typically define “winning”), Americans have a fairly low quality of life compared to other developed countries, we have an inferior (and declining) lower education system, we have a shorter average life span, we have higher rates of suicide and depression, we have a higher percentage of people living below the poverty line, we consistently rate low in “happiness indexes”, etc.

    America has a long history of strongly criticizing our leaders, it’s the core of our political system and works very well. Not criticizing our leaders is a new thing pushed by the Bush Administration to 1) more easily push their agenda and 2) to hide their incompetence. The same people who declared it unpatriotic to criticize the President or government are the same people who criticized Clinton and will likely criticize Obama. So I think we’re done with that for a while. 🙂

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