AllRecipes needs support

AllRecipes finally got with the program and announced a Premium membership. Although they call it “Supporting Membership”, which sounds more like a beg for charity than a premium service. We at Recipezaar launched a Premium Membership back in 2003 and it took AllRecipes that long to copy it, with fewer features and a higher price. Genius!

There is no love lost between me and AllRecipes. Their mouthpiece, Esmee Williams, used to harass us every time we did something new, sometimes demanding that we remove recipes because they were too close to recipes on their site and got huffy when we explained how copyrights work. At one point she directed us to the Chilling Effects site to prove the legitimacy of her claim, not realizing that the site is run by the EFF to protect people from the “chilling effects” (violations of 1st Amendment rights) of copyrights or that we were on the right side of the copyright law. We even had many AllRecipes employees contact us looking for jobs. When Reader’s Digest bought them after years of attempts by AllRecipes to find a buyer, Esmee emailed us the press release as if to gloat (Congratulations Esmee, you have a new boss. That’s quite an accomplishment!). The company is an embarrassment and I have enjoyed watching them flounder time and time again.  Maybe by copying Recipezaar feature-for-feature, they’ve found a path to success. But I doubt it.

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