Day: January 8, 2009

Beveridge Place Pub

Gay and I went to “Beveridge Place Pub”: for a rare date night, only the second time we’ve left Hudson at home. We’ve driven by it for years and never felt tempted to go in, but ever since discovered that it’s a highly-regarded beer place we’ve been trying to get a chance to go. Hours before we left, I checked their web site to see what beers they have on tap (they don’t list them, unfortunately) and realized that they don’t serve food at all. Instead, they provide a set of local restaurants that will deliver to the pub. That doesn’t make for such a nice date night, but we decided to not change our plans and we went anyway. I’m glad we did.

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Barrel-aged beers

The New York Times did “a taste test of barrel-aged beers”:, which is a recent trend in brewing. See their “tasting report”: I’m still trying to get my hands on Pike’s Entire bourbon barrel-aged stout, but I “have had Dogfish Head’s Burton Baton barrel-aged IPA”:, which is very good and I still have a few bottles left waiting for a good reason.