Month: January 2009

Surprise start to potty-training

Today Havana reached for my hand and said “Come”, which is a new thing she does when she wants you to go somewhere with her. She walked me into the downstairs bathroom and pointed to the toilet and said “Up”, which is what she does when she wants to be picked up. I asked her if she wants to sit on the toilet and she said “Okay”, what she says when she means “Yes”. I thought that was odd until she said “Potty” and it dawned on me that she wanted to use the toilet. I asked her if she had to go potty and she said “Okay”.

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Free Songs

You can download “The Rake’s Song”: from “The Decemberists”: new album due out March 24. You can watch the video (and see his face with too much white makeup) for Morrissey‘s new single “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” from the album due out February 16. And you can listen to U2‘s new single, “Get On Your Boots” (sounds a little like Achtung Baby) from their new album due out March 3.

If the albums are done, why do I have to wait to buy them? Years ago it took time to manufacture the plastic discs, but not anymore. Why the artificial delay to start accepting money?!?

Documentary Film Idea: Internet Warriors

The “latest chapter”: of the Scripps/Recipezaar debacle brought out a group of people I had forgotten about. I just had a great idea, though… someone should make a documentary movie about these people! The best documentaries are the ones about real people leading bizarre lives and these people fit the bill and then some.

Here’s the premise…

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Hudson at 5 months

Hudson’s 5 months old today:


Hudson at “4 months”:, “3 months”:, “2 months”: and “1 month”: Funny that most of those photos are taken while he’s sitting in his Bumbo. It shouldn’t be long before he outgrows that.

(Almost) The End of Recipezaar

Just three months after we sold Recipezaar to Scripps Networks Gay and I quit. We did not get along with Deanna Brown, our boss, and she made it clear that she did not want to hear from us at all on any topic. She put a yes-woman in between us and her and told everyone else to humor us but to ignore us. Life’s too short to put up with incompetence, especially when they’re your boss, so we quit in October 2007. The three people we had hired and brought into Scripps, Kathy, Liza and Debbie stayed at Scripps. In retrospect, I’m sure we would have been fired or, at least, strongly encouraged to leave, had we not quit on our own.

Last Thursday we found out that Kathy was layed-off.

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Two great beers

Two really good beers I’ve had in the last couple weeks that I haven’t mentioned: Full Sail Top Sail Imperial Porter, a bourbon barrel-aged porter, and Pike’s XXXXX Extra Stout. The Full Sail has a nice caramel flavor and the Pike is a chocolatey stout.

Full Sail Top Sail Imperial Porter

Pike XXXXX Extra Stout

Obama gets Steelers Championship game ball

Steelers owner and Obama supporter Dan Rooney and his son “gave Obama the game ball”: from the AFC Championship game:

bq. “He’s a [Chicago] Bears fan first, he admits that,” Dan Rooney said yesterday at the Steelers’ UPMC training center. “But he’s a Steelers’ fan. He’s said it, and all his staff, they’re rooting for us [in the Super Bowl].” … While Dan Rooney knew the Kennedys and was particularly close with Bobby Kennedy, he said he never has been as close with a president as he is with Obama, whom he calls a friend.

I wish I was President so I could get a Steelers game ball.