Day: December 10, 2008

Red Hook Double Black Stout

After an 8-year hiatus, Red Hook has started making their Double Black Stout again. When I lived in Virginia and visited Seattle in 1996 I went to a grocery store to bring some good beers home. This is one that I found. It’s an Imperial Stout with coffee. Back then, it proudly claimed that they used the local Starbucks coffee. Now it doesn’t, so I assume that either Starbucks’ name doesn’t offer the same cachet or uniqueness or, more likely, that it’s not Starbucks coffee. Either way, this is a great beer. It reminds me of Deschutes’ “The Abyss”: and “Stone Imperial Russian Stout”: The bitterness seems to come solely from the coffee and it has a nice roasty taste. It has a “B+ on BeerAdvocate”: and a “3.75”: out of 5.0 on RateBeer.

Red Hook Double Black Stout

Even better, I shared a little with Gay while we watched “The Dark Knight”: last night. It was a pretty good night. 🙂