why i love seattle

I didn’t even know this, but it’s perfectly legal to be naked in Washington:

bq. Under state law, public nudity is not illegal unless it is an affront to someone else or causes alarm, Potter said.

Six (six!) people complained about a protest of naked bicyclists riding from Gas Works Park to Seattle Center so a proposal to ban public nudity was put before the Seattle Parks and Recreation. “It was rejected”:http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008393671_parks15m.html.

Even though public nudity has been legal forever without problems, this could have been yet another case of a few people scared of something harmless using the government to force their personal beliefs on everyone else. But Seattle refused to be bullied by these extremists. Good for Seattle.

I’m sure there are conservative extremists who will take this to the illogical conclusion and decide that Seattle is saying that it’s okay for adults to have sex with children in public or some other ridiculous conclusion. Oh wait, it’s already happening. Check out the comments on the article, a couple crazies offended by this are not from Seattle, of course:

bq. kiml from Shelton, WA: Seattle is all about the individual and the city leaders seek to drive out family. The city leaders are so liberal, just like all the nudists, gays and child molesters who voted them in that I wouldn’t be surprised if after each meeting they have wild sex parties. They probably invite their dogs too. Why not? If one thinks it’s ok to flash their ugly naked body in front of children, then it makes you wonder why wouldn’t their open minds open wider and seek to have a society in which anything goes? Welcome to Sodom and Gommorah, the city perverted from the top on down.

Driving out family? I have a family and I think this ruling encourages communities and families to be accepting of diversity. What’s the worst that can happen? My kids see a naked person? Why is that a problem?

bq. swb27 from Spokane, WA: Anyone notice a trend here? These nudi-rads want to “move” people out of where they live. Sort of reminds me of Nazi Germany’s answer to the “Jewish problem”…

It doesn’t take long for dummies to resort to Hitler comparisons, does it?

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