Day: November 14, 2008

Nigerian e-mail scams work?!?

“An Oregonian has admitted”: to losing $400,000, cashing out her husband’s IRA and mortgaging her house, to a Nigerian email scam. This is the most amazing part:

bq. When Spears began to doubt the scam, she got letters from the President of Nigeria, FBI Director Mueller, and President Bush. Terrorists could get the money if she did not help, Bush’s letter said. Spears continued to send funds. All the letters were fake, of course.

It took her months to start to think it was a scam, which is pathetic. But she was convinced it was real when she received letters claiming to be from President Bush insisting that it’s real. It never dawned on her that the President of the US really wants this person’s money freed from Nigeria but won’t allocate a tiny amount of federal money to do it, he expects this woman in Oregon to do it. This made sense to her. I can imagine how inauthentic the letters looked too. Stupid is as stupid does.