Day: November 6, 2008

McCain campaign is finally admitting Palin is an idiot

Sarah Palin thought that Africa was a country and South Africa is a part, I assume the southern part, of the country of Africa. And get this, she couldn’t name the countries involved in NAFTA, which means she can’t name the three countries in North America. I imagine she thinks North America is comprised of Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc.

Plenty more here:

And Bill O’Reilly, not surprisingly, defends her ignorance of geography as something that can be taught to her. Yeah, it can be taught to children. But a 44 year-old college-educated person missed their chance to gain basic knowledge — she doesn’t have the _ability_ to comprehend simple things. Oh, and by the way Bill O’Reilly, you brainless twit, she was trying to be the Vice President of our country! Is your brain on?! You’re such a bubblehead you work for Fox News, a fake news channel and I bet you think you’re a legitimate journalist.

Of course, this is all after the campaign is over and McCain lost. They were quite content to push this moron in the VP slot and let her lead the country even though they knew she was dumber than dirt. Country Last!