Palin is a worldwide joke

Wow, she gets dumber and dumber. Radio hosts pranked Sarah Palin and she fell for it. Your average dumbass would know that they weren’t talking to the President of France within the first minute, but she’s not an average dumbass, she’s an extraordinary dumbass. She went on for 5 minutes and never figured it out — they had to tell her. Things he said that didn’t clue her in:

* He says he loves to kill animals
* He talked about his wife in bed
* He told her that the French have an equivalent to Joe The Plumber called “Marcel with bread under his armpit”

The comedians aren’t very funny, but she is a clueless twit. But the best part is when she starts by saying this:

bq. Thank you sir, we have such great respect for you, John McCain and I. We love you.

Sarah Palin and John McCain love and respect someone from France. That’s going to piss off a lot of xenophobic Republicans.

Listen to the audio:

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