Palin for murder

At a rally in Florida, “Palin incited the crowd”: to murder Obama:

bq. “Kill him!” proposed one man in the audience.

I’d like to make a joke at the expense of Republicans and their idiot lemmings but I’m one of those crazy liberals who thinks murder, including encouraging it, is wrong and it’s sad that this behavior continues in America in 2008. I’m not surprised, though. I grew up in Virginia and this is typical of what I’ve seen of Republicans all my life. To me, the Republican Party has always represented bigotry, hatred and ignorance. Sure, there are some rational, educated and non-racist Republicans — I’ve met some of them. But this anger and hatred is still alive and well inside the Republican party and Palin is rilin’ it up.

Update: There’s a report that the Secret Service is investigating this threat. How about asking Palin to stop hate-speech like calling Obama a terrorist? When your followers are rabid neanderthals who never learned to think for themselves, you never know what they’ll do.

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