olabimtan777@yahoo.com is a thief

Somehow, olabimtan777@yahoo.com got a hold of our credit card number and bought porn software and subscribed to several porn sites between Sep 22 and 24. Apparently, he lives in Niger, the world capital of credit card fraud and is looking for “a team to play soccer with”:http://www.sportisgood.com/sp/dispatch?cmd=PlayerView&profileID=1385&section=5 and for dates, specifically:

bq. Women, Couples (man and woman), Groups, Couples (2 women), Couples (2 men) or TS/TV/TG for Erotic Chat or Email, Discreet Relationship or Other “Alternative” Activities.

I love his description of himself:

bq. am such a cool and honest guy that is very caring but i hate one thing i hate lies

An honest guy who hates lies but has no problem with theft. He’s a catch!

This is the second time our credit card number has been stolen in a year! The “first time”:https://troyandgay.com/blog/2008/03/31/credit-card-number-stolen/ was in February. It’s never happened in 20 years of using credit cards, but now it’s twice in one year. Given that we shop online almost exclusively and only at reputable companies (Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, etc.), there must be a security hole somewhere.

We won’t have to pay for the charges, of course, but this is getting annoying to have to file police reports, get new cards, etc. Word to the wise: watch your credit card transactions on your bank statements.

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