Palin's foreign policy expertise

Palin said that Alaska’s proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience and she was laughed at because, well, it’s an idiotic statement. Now Katie Couric asked her about it and she seemed to dismiss it as just a flippant comment that she’s being made fun of over. Ok, that’d be smart, claim she was taken out of context and move on. But then goes on to defend it!:×3.swf

(She’s so eloquent and coherent, isn’t she?)

Is she implying that Russia invades Alaska often? Or is she implying that they are about to? Does she realize that Russia is our ally? At least she doesn’t seem to think she’s protecting us from Canada.

I wish Couric had asked her if the governors of Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are all foreign policy experts too since they actually touch other countries. Certainly in her teeny tiny brain they are.

Hell, I can see Puget Sound from my house. That makes me a marine biologist. I’ve seen lots and lots of numbers in my life, that makes me a mathematician… or an economist… or, why not, both! I’ve dropped things, that makes me a physicist. I used soap today, that makes me a chemist. I’m listening to music right now, I’m a musician.

When Sarah Palin’s parents told her she can be anything she wants to be, she took them literally. She is dumb. No wonder Republicans think women are inferior, this is what they consider their best and brightest.

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  1. You’re a Democrat and you didn’t like Palin. I get it. You’re trying to throw some cold water on her campaign. Okay, that’s politics. I’m a Republican and I cringe whenever I hear Biden open his mouth. His gaffes are so inept that I often think they’re scripted for comic effect.. I am also a fundamentalist Christian, pro-life, and a card carrying member of the NRA. So yes, I’m “one of them.”
    I think Obama’s done a decent job within his first couple of months in office. I don’t agree with his pro-abortion policies, but you’d expect that. I think his toughest days are ahead of him and I hope he does well because I hope America does well. I don’t think his policies are well reasoned, but I also know Obama is a smart guy. I think when he sees policies fail, he’ll replace those policies with ones that work.

    I think what I take the most offense at is the generalization that Republicans think women are inferior. That, to me, seems more than a little ironic from a party that seemingly espouses pluralistic values. I think men and women are different, but inferior? Please. That is really nothing more than a cheap, ad hominem attack.

  2. The Republican Party elected Sarah Palin as VP. At worst, they picked the dumbest woman in America to run the country. At best, they pandered to the stupid right-wing women who only vote for a vagina-owner. Either way, there’s no way anyone can argue that the Republican Party has an ounce of respect for women. You’re a fundamentalist, you’re pro-life and you’re a member of the NRA. Clearly you’ve given up all hopes of thinking for yourself.

    And I’m not from the Democratic Party, you brainless Tampa Bay twit. Why is that you keep coming to this site to read all my political views when it’s obvious we will never agree? Do you really need me to validate your opinions?

    You found me because you love Recipezaar, I get it. You’re welcome for creating it and giving your life some meaning and value. We don’t need to agree politically and you don’t need to keep reminding me that you exist.

  3. Um…yes, I like Recipezaar a lot. I think it’s a very well done website, and I think you should be commended for doing something that people like. I think it’s smart and does an interesting job of aggregating user input while standardizing format. I think it’s a top notch product.

    As for meaning and value, I believe God and my family, including my three beautiful children and loving wife, do a really good job with that. It looks like you’ve got a beautiful family as well.

    I also defend my dissertation in July for my Ph.D. I work closely with mostly liberal Democrats both in research and professionally. I don’t agree with many of their stances, but have very warm friendships with many of them. I also worked in television news for five years as a writer for a top fifty market (Louisville, currently DMA 48). I understand that you’re not a part of the Democratic party, but I just wanted to show you that I can, honestly, think for myself, and that my decisions have made me fundamentalist, pro-life, etc.

    I still like Sarah Palin for a lot of reasons, not least of which is her record as Governor of Alaska. During my time in Wasilla, Alaska, I found that she’s smart, a great leader, but doesn’t interview well. I’ve worked with a handful of politicians that were the same. I’m sorry you didn’t like her. Obama won, and while I don’t agree with many of his policies, as I said, I hope he succeeds for America.

    Just so you know, I came to your site for the first time yesterday and only happened to stumble on this because of a Google search. I don’t need your validation, but I don’t deserve your venom, either. I think I now know that we’ll never agree, and I definitely don’t intend to remind you that I exist, again. I think we’ve done pretty well without each other. I just wanted to civilly say I don’t agree with something you posted. That’s it.

  4. Yeah, you can think for yourself. You thought for yourself when you were born into a Christian household and decided to make Christianity your religion. Or when your daddy told you how wonderful guns are and you decided to be a member of the NRA. You also thought for yourself when you decided to make Fox News your favorite news channel and when you decided to turn on Rush Limbaugh and think exactly as he tells you to think. That’s what passes for independent thought in the Republican Party.

    Anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is smart is dumb. Anyone who defends her as a politician is a Republican devotee who has no ability to think for themselves and puts their party ahead of America. You’re pro-life when it comes to controlling women and their bodies and their lives (because you respect women so much), but let me guess, you love to kill animals, you’re pro-death penalty and you get a warm feeling in your heart when you see non-Christians die at the hands of Christians.

    You came to this site yesterday for the first time? So there’s more than one person who lives in Tampa Bay who found this site because they love Recipezaar, is a devout Republican who comes to this site to post pro-Republican comments to my posts and really really want me to like them? If that’s true, you’d better see what they’re putting in the water in Tampa Bay.

  5. Yes, I was born into a Christian family. I didn’t choose my family, but I chose Christianity as my religion, much as I was born American, and I choose America as my home. I am the only person in my family in the NRA and my family is frightened by guns. I rarely watch any TV, much less Fox News, and I think the last time I heard Rush Limbaugh was sometime in the beginning of the first Clinton administration. But if that counts, then by all means, do so.

    Naah, I really am smart. I like Sarah Palin. She’s smart and has done an amazing job of ferreting out corruption from her state. I like that. The people of Alaska do, too. I defend her as a politician, and I can think for myself, I just don’t agree with you. I think many of her ideas are great for America. I’m pro-life when it comes to protecting unborn children because I think children have inalienable rights, and one of them is life. I know you’re pro-abortion, which probably means you don’t think they are children. This is a fundamental disagreement, and as you’ve already said, you’re not going to change your mind on this, which is a shame. I respect women, but I don’t respect anyone’s right to take an innocent life, woman or otherwise. I am pro-death penalty because I think some crimes merit it. I have no warm feeling when I see men or women of any religion die by the hand of anyone. Yes, I support killing animals for food. So, I am favor of eating chicken but not in killing babies. In short, I think you missed on all these points.

    Yes, I came to your site the first time two days ago. There are probably more people in Tampa Bay who love Recipezaar and are Republicans. Hey, it’s a great site. Some of my fellow Tampans probably came to your site, but I have no idea, and possibly some of them posted, but I don’t know. I don’t care if you like me or not. I’m not here to curry favor. In a public post you criticized Sarah Palin and I took advantage of the comments function to post that I disagreed. I haven’t posted to your site before this. I can check to see if there’s anything in the water, but I doubt it’s any worse than what’s in yours.

    Seriously, I’ll pray for you. I’m sorry that you’ll be offended by that.

  6. You aren’t pro-life because you have no problem at all with ending lives when you decide lives should be ended (probably because you’re so egotistical that you believe you speak to God and know what he/she wants). To be clear, you’re anti-abortion. I’m also anti-abortion, but I believe I don’t have the right to tell people how to live their lives. You believe you do have that right (and given it by God) and you feel it is your job to control other people’s lives (that’s the “gift” religion gave the world!), that’s where we differ. I prefer to end the need for abortion through sex education and keeping abortion legal allows us to monitor our progress. You’d prefer to brush it under the carpet and force all women to hide it and endanger their lives in the process and never know if it’s really working. But then again, you don’t really care about unborn babies because you’d be just as happy with abortions happening in back alleys. You care about exerting control over half the population.

    You came to my site to post your political and religious opinions. I didn’t do that on your site, you did it on mine. And you’ve been doing it since before the election because you’re a Sarah Palin sycophant. That is the equivalent of knocking on my door and screaming your beliefs at me and telling me my beliefs are wrong. I make fun of you and you cry foul and condescend to me like telling me you’re going to pray for me.

    You are a genius, you love Sarah Palin, you love being a Republican, in spite of how it appears, you are not in love with me, and you’re really really smart. All that is acknowledged. Can you go away now like you promised? The best thing you can do for the world is to work hard to make Sarah Palin the 2012 nominee. Every second you spend posting comments here is a second you aren’t working to help Sarah Palin.

    Fair warning: if you continue to post comments on this post or any other post, I’m going to start editing your words to make you look even more like a self-righteous religious nut than you already look.

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