Sarah Palin continues to show her stupidity

Palin says she’s going to “put ‘the government’s checkbook’ online”: so everyone can see what the government spends money on. The problem is that it’s already there: “”: And which Senator did it in 2006? Barack Obama.

It’ll be fun to watch how many more stupid things she says and does in the next six weeks. Forget vetting her, they should have just given her an IQ test.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin continues to show her stupidity”

  1. Sarah put the Alaskan spending budget online so that her constituents can see where her governorship is spending the money. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.. and apparently neither do the Alaskan citizens – she has over 80% approval rating.

    I think its fun to watch how the liberal Democrats are imploding over the VP pick.. why not compare the differences in issues between McCain and Obama instead? They’re the ones on the tops of the tickets..

  2. But she talked as if she was bringing something new to the country. Which means she’s stupid and should be laughed at. Not as stupid as people that post pro-Republican comments on random personal blogs of strangers, mind you.

  3. Interestingly enough, I found this blog from researching RecipeZaar, which you created and have linked to from that site. I realize you sold out (good for you!) but your brazen and bold name-calling is very immature and lessens my respect for you.

    Good luck on your hopes for socializing America.. I can’t see where we’d all be better off as a result of that, but who knows..

  4. Troy? I’m not angry at anything or anyone. Just trying to share a fair-sided opposing view, that’s all..

    I might suggest your watching your name-calling in your responses.. you just don’t know who might be researching you and your wife’s career for a story..

  5. Calling me a socialist is fair-sided?

    Yeah, we need a story of our careers written by you, someone too stupid to realize that Palin was not a great choice to be next in line to the Presidency. That’d certainly be a highlight for us!

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