Maker's Mark vs. Bulleit Bourbon

Maker's Mark vs. Bulleit

We’ve seriously cut back on our Manhattan drinking since Gay’s been either pregnant or nursing for the last 24 months. But a Manhattan sounded good on a Friday evening. We did a little taste test between our favorite Maker’s Mark and “Bulleit”: I like Bulleit and have been having it straight on occasion (i.e., when I’m out of Maker’s Mark) but never in a Manhattan until now.

We still prefer Maker’s Mark, but Bulleit is the only other bourbon I’ve had that I could drink in a Manhattan. It has a more aggressive taste than Maker’s Mark and is fairly spicy similar to Woodford Reserve. But all around, being a bit sweeter, Maker’s Mark makes a more enjoyable Manhattan, in my opinion.

Maker’s Mark trivia that I recently learned: Maker’s Mark was created to be the best bourbon for a Manhattan.

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