Maker's Mark vs. Bulleit Bourbon

Maker's Mark vs. Bulleit

We’ve seriously cut back on our Manhattan drinking since Gay’s been either pregnant or nursing for the last 24 months. But a Manhattan sounded good on a Friday evening. We did a little taste test between our favorite Maker’s Mark and “Bulleit”: I like Bulleit and have been having it straight on occasion (i.e., when I’m out of Maker’s Mark) but never in a Manhattan until now.

We still prefer Maker’s Mark, but Bulleit is the only other bourbon I’ve had that I could drink in a Manhattan. It has a more aggressive taste than Maker’s Mark and is fairly spicy similar to Woodford Reserve. But all around, being a bit sweeter, Maker’s Mark makes a more enjoyable Manhattan, in my opinion.

Maker’s Mark trivia that I recently learned: Maker’s Mark was created to be the best bourbon for a Manhattan.

2 thoughts on “Maker's Mark vs. Bulleit Bourbon”

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  2. This article is written by someone that should study the science behind the difference behind these two spirits as opposed to just taste. Additives and the production process are very important when you are trying to differentiate similar taste profile liquors.

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