McCain proves he is a moron

I try to ignore politics as much as I can because after the 2004 election, I realized that most Americans are so stupid that it was too annoying to follow politics. It’s kinda like following professional wrestling — you can feel your brain turning to mush as you listen to the commentaries. But McCain’s pick for a VP is so absurd I can’t believe it happened. When I saw the headline, I thought it was a hoax that media mistakenly picked up. But it is real and we have to have this national talk about whether it makes sense or not! This is like a serious discussion about whether Homer Simpson would make a good CEO of a nuclear power plant.

McCain actually believes she is qualified to be the leader of the free world. He couldn’t find another Republican that he thinks is better at that job. If there was ever any doubt that he’s really really dumb, he just removed it. Americans love their dummies (and hate their smart people), so he might actually win the election. Because he might actually win, I hope McCain wakes up and she “decides” to back out of the position so he can put someone credible in the VP slot. I commend him for choosing a woman, but there are far smarter and more qualified women in the Republican party than Sarah Palin.

I watched the cable news channels last night to try to understand if there’s anything at all that would make this pick not the biggest mistake in political history. I found plenty of Republican mouthpieces trying hard to make the case for Sarah Palin as the VP, and even the eventual President if McCain is incapacitated, and they did it with a straight face. And I learned more about her “biography”, as the Republicans like to say. Her entire political career consists of joining the PTA, being elected to the city council and then Mayor of a podunk town in Alaska and then Governor for the last 18 months. To put the bulk of her political experience, all 6 years of it, into perspective, she was on the city council and Mayor of a town of “6,715 people”: I live on Vashon Island, which has a population of 12,000, almost twice as big, and our Mayor is a fake job that we vote on at the annual island celebration as a fundraiser ($1 per vote). Vashon Island is so small, many people in Seattle don’t even know it exists, even though it’s right next to Seattle. Sarah Palin was the mayor of a town smaller than Vashon Island and that makes her qualified to be the _Vice President of the United States_, according to John McCain and his McIdiots.

You’d think they’d stop there and admit that she lacks foreign policy experience but McCain makes up for it. But they don’t. The Republicans are saying that Sarah Palin has a wealth of political and foreign policy experience. Apparently, Steve Doocy, a propaganda tool (and he is a _tool_) said that because Alaska is near Russia, she has foreign policy experience. What’s the concern with Obama then? Illinois is right next to Canada, so Obama is a foreign policy expert too. Other Republicans said that being in charge of Alaska’s National Guard gives her foreign policy experience. I guess they don’t know the meaning of the word _national_. You know you can’t trust a Republican when they can’t admit that Sarah Palin is not a great VP pick. Behind the scenes, they have to be shaking their heads at how poor McCain’s judgment is. I’d rather have Dick Cheney be VP!

Incidentally, I remember Steve Doocy from when I lived in the Washington, DC area. He was the guy on the local news who did the “wacky” stories around town like the dog that barks at stop lights, the kid who collects bugs, etc. Now he’s someone on national TV, albeit Fox News, and people listen to what he says and believe it. Steve Doocy is a respected journalist and Sarah Palin is a VP candidate… the end is nigh!

9 thoughts on “McCain proves he is a moron”

  1. Barack Hussein Obama has no experience at anything.. How many non votes in his 143 days actually at work in Congress. Hes a joke. I think of his supporters as I do the JayWalking people on Jay Leno…..Blind Idiots

  2. Good comment. “No experience at anything”, he’s like a newborn baby, no experience at anything at all. Well, except that he graduated from the best schools in the country (I wonder where YOU graduated from). And using “Hussein” when referring to Obama. That is genius! Where’d you get that one? Ann Coulter? Rush Limbaugh? Or is there another Conservative Lord you worship?

    The only thing dumber than the people on Jay Leno are the people who watch Jay Leno. Wait, I’m wrong… there are bigger losers in the world: people who troll the internet for blog posts that criticize the politician they have fallen in love with.

    As brilliant as your comment is, you forgot to defend Sarah Palin’s experience or John McCain’s intelligence. Or are they so indefensible so you have no choice but to bash Obama instead?

  3. McCain will probably win simply because he’s white. Americans are stupid and refuses to think about real issues that’s why McCain’s ads work. He will sell Palin to the public, CNN will help him and he will win.

  4. Canadians are so angry, for some reason. More correctly, some Americans are idiots. Not all. There’s a reason America is successful, it’s not dumb luck.

    And don’t pretend that Canada’s government isn’t conservative. Most Canadians don’t even realize how right-wing their own government is because they spend most of their time watching American politics.

  5. sarah pilan as VP choice for mccain is a disaster in the making. She will be main focus of the GOP convention. Mccain just met her once and had a phone chat with her. Why not Kay Bailey Huchinson or Olympia Snow in the GOP if he wanted a female on the ticket…wait until Joe Biden embarasses her on foreign policy in the debate….Obama will now win n a landslide

  6. These were the comment I posted on my blog the minute the news hit.. You are right on the money with this..

    Please tell me America isn’t this gullible. Why does John McCain feel that he can elect a woman as his VP and somehow level the playing field with Obama and Biden? I tell you this is dirty politics at its best and it tells you that John McCain thinks the average American is stupid…

    Electing Sarah is like picking your little brother to play on your team because your mother told you to, or else! It’s like getting stuck with that fat kid with no athletic ability because there’s no one else left to choose from. If the republicans think that this somehow appeals to the female voters or the Hilary supporters; I have one thing to say.

    Sarah is no HILARY RODHAM CLINTON!!!
    They should be ashamed of themselves. This is a slap in the American face. Hilary not only proved through her career but also over the past months that she deserved to be in the race, deserved the 18 million votes, deserved to be a part of history. Let’s not blemish this landmark in history with an Average Jo-Ann, just to make a point. Hilary has set the bar and let me tell you it’s pretty darn high. Who ever takes the glory of being the first woman anything, should be well worth the hype.

    America please don’t be fooled and fall for these ridiculous tricks of a suffering political group. Sarah Palin isn’t someone that will compliment as a counter balance to John McCain. This is just another crony of the republican system just thrown into a skirt, (I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t have a slew of pant suits).

    I think a smart move would be for Barack to announce Hilary as his number three, and then brush the McCain camp under his red carpet where they belong.

    check out my blog on

  7. There is something greater than her experience that is her morality and what Republicans like to say, “her moral fiber”. She is the mother of five children and with a new born with special needs. She chose a job where travel and long hours will take her away from her children. Thats not an example that women want. You can’t just be pro life and not have a plan to raise your children – Oh, she probably believes in child care.

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