Day: August 29, 2008

Ouzo at home

We picked Ouzo up from the vet today and took him home after his chemo treatment. He’s pretty lethargic and still doesn’t eat, but we hope that’s because of the chemo and he’ll be more active after the weekend. The doc says that the best-case for him is to live another four months, but will probably live half that. Even with chemo, it’s not curable so eventually the tumor will grow too big and prevent his heart from pumping blood.

We want to let him go humanely rather than wait until he dies in pain, so we have to watch him for signs of deterioration and make the decision. This is one of life’s curve balls… Illy is 13, which is old for a Labrador, so I was preparing myself for the day we have to make the decision about her. I never imagined Ouzo, at only 9, would go before her. Life’s too short, especially for a dog.