Day: August 27, 2008

Ouzo update

We talked to “the vet”: this morning. Ouzo’s abdomen looks good except for one small tumor in his spleen. They’re going to try to get a sample from that and check it out. They are also going to check his lymph nodes in his neck that are a little bigger than normal. Other than that, he seems to be feeling fine and is eating well and playing with the vets. It’s only a matter of time, unfortunately. He could live days, weeks or months.

We’re going to get him home as soon as possible so we can spend some more time with him while we can. At least Havana got to know him.


Ever since Havana moved into her own room, Ouzo slept outside her bedroom as if he was guarding her. And, not realizing there was a baby monitor in our bedroom, he’d come get us if she ever cried. On the bright side, we can spoil him all we want with people food.