Day: August 26, 2008

Scary news about Ouzo

In other news, Ouzo has a serious condition. For the last week or two he hadn’t been eating or would only eat a little of his food. He’s done this before over the years and we’d give him some wet food or put something more tasty on his food and a couple days later he’d be fine again. But that didn’t work this time. The night we were leaving for the hospital to deliver Hudson, Kelly noticed that he had a “growth” underneath his chin that we hadn’t noticed before.

Kelly took him to the vet the next morning and they decided they couldn’t figure out what it was. They took an X-ray and discovered a lot of fluid in his chest cavity. This was beyond their skills and referred us to a specialist in Seattle. Kelly then took him to _that_ vet. We still haven’t heard anything from the vet.

Update: We talked to the vet tonight and it doesn’t look good. He has a tumor at the base of his heart and it’s inoperable. They can’t do a biopsy on it because it’s on his heart. So they’re going to do an ultrasound on Wednesday to see if there are any more tumors in his abdomen which, ironically, would be good because they could then do biopsies on those to determine if it is cancer and what kind of cancer it is. If it’s a cancer that responds to chemotherapy, we can try chemotherapy to see if that helps the tumor on his heart.

August 25th

I’m glad Hudson was born 5 minutes after midnight because August 25th is a much cooler date for birthdays than August 24th. Hudson shares a birthday with conductor Leonard Bernstein, movie director Tim Burton, Sean Connery, Elvis Costello, Frederick Forsyth, Rob Halford (singer for Judas Priest, a favorite band of mine as a kid), Monty Hall, football player Marvin Harrison, Stuart Murdoch (founder and singer of Belle & Sebastian, a favorite band of mine as an adult), Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray, Claudia Schiffer, Gene Simmons, fellow Seattleite Tom Skerritt, and Wilco singer Jeff Tweedy. Even a movie director with the same name and initials: “Hugh Hudson”: