Day: August 24, 2008

The day before Hudson's Birthday

Gay was tired of being pregnant and the waiting list for an induction was so long that we decided to go into Seattle to take Gay’s mind off it. We all went to the RV show at Qwest Field and while there, the OB/GYN called and said that we were next on the list to be induced and that we _may_ get a call tonight or early tomorrow. The RV show was boring so we left and went to Elysian Fields, just down the block for an early dinner and hoping that the hospital would call. We had even packed the car with everything we needed to take to the hospital, just in case.

We’d never been to Elysian Fields and it’s a cool space, and much larger than the original Elysian. There was a large party nearby, seemingly to celebrate a newborn baby (3 months?), that Havana was fascinated with:


Little did she know her baby brother was soon to arrive.

I had a schooner of the Imperial IPA which was very good. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good Imperial IPA at a brewpub, probably since “we went to Steelhead in Eugene”:

Elysian Fields Imperial IPA

I had the Kobe beef burger with bleu cheese and finished it off with a schooner of their Dragonstooth Stout. They make a very good stout and I’ve loved it ever since moving to Seattle; it’s right up there with Old Rasputin (but not quite _that_ good).

It would have been very convenient if the hospital had called since we were minutes away, but they didn’t. So we went home. At 8pm, an hour-and-half after we got home, the OB/GYN called and said we could come in. We called Kelly to come over to watch Havana. Bam, she was at the house 10 minutes later and we jumped on the 8:50pm ferry.

We checked into the hospital at 9:30pm and the OB/GYN broke Gay’s water at 10pm. It was all very smooth and quick from there…