Day: August 1, 2008

Friday in Spokane

For lunch, we went to a brewpub right around the corner from the hotel, The Steam Plant Grill. This was one of the coolest interiors of a restaurant I’ve been in:

Steam Plant Grill

It was the steam plant that delivered steam and electricity to downtown Spokane until 1986. They have electricity now, so I’m not sure how long they were without electricity in Spokane.

I got the sampling of all 9 of their beers and about 4 were good, which is a pretty good ratio. I really liked their stout.

Sample of all the beers at Steam Plant Grill

Gay went to a girls lunch with a bunch of girls going to the wedding and I took Havana back to the hotel for her afternoon nap. That night, the Murphys, long-time friends of Megan’s family, had a party for all the out-of-town guests at their home. Gay’s mom, dad and aunts watched Havana and Gay and I had another date. We met Jon’s family and friends, had lots of food and wine and Jon was thrown into the pool.

Update: Yes, Jon was thrown into the pool by his dad. Jon then threw his brother into the pool.