Anheuser-Busch sells out

I love this. “Anheuser-Busch has agreed to be bought”: by InBev, a Belgian company. Finally, America no longer makes the carbonated urine that most Americans call “beer”. That’s for the Europeans and Canadians now. America’s beers are now the best in the world. Since most mergers tend to fail or at least stumble, American craft brewers should have an opportunity to give the Bud-swilling masses a beer that has flavor.

I also love the American hypocrisy of this deal. Politicians were claiming AB to be a national treasure and that it should be protected from foreigners. A Republican Senator from Missouri put up “a web site”:, draped in the flag of course, as a petition to stop the “foreign invasion” and protect the “American treasure” and organized “Freedom Rallies”. InBev bumped the price up $5/share and Anheuser-Busch grabbed it. Of course they did, because Anheuser-Busch is a business, not a political movement (and certainly not a national treasure!). Americans can’t understand why people in other countries are upset when foreign companies are acquired by American companies, but when the tables are turned, they turn into crybabies.

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