4th Wedding anniversary

We’ve been married for 4 years today. Gay’s mom, dad and aunts met us at the hotel as we checked-in and they babysat Havana while we went out to dinner. We went to “Wild Sage”:http://www.wildsagebistro.com/, “Downtown Spokane’s Premier Restaurant”. The food was okay. Gay’s pasta was overcooked, my goat cheese stuffed chicken was a bit too rich, but the appetizers were pretty good.

Anniversary dinner at Wild Sage

Trip to Spokane

We left this morning to drive five hours to Spokane to go to Jon & Megan’s wedding on Saturday.

Driving across Washington

Today is also our 4th wedding anniversary, so we’ll celebrate in one of Spokane’s finest restaurants (no, not Applebee’s).

Sunday dinner

All three of us headed across Puget Sound to Seattle to have dinner with friends and their 2 kids. Havana had a fun time with their kids and we ate steak and au gratin potatoes, wine and finished it off with Lagunitas Maximus.

On the ferry

Changed into her pajamas and having her milk for the drive home:

Staying up past your bedtime