Roku Netflix Player

We got our “Netflix Player”: today and a few minutes later had it hooked up. It’s amazingly simple to setup: plug the power cable in, plug a network cable (or just use WiFi) and connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable. It’ll tell you to go to to activate it and seconds later, you can see your Netflix Instant Queue. The user interface is really nice, you horizontally scroll through the cover art of your movies and movies start in seconds.

While starting and stopping movies and knowing that I have 10,000+ movies available to watch instantly I’m reminded of just a decade ago when Bill Gates spent millions of dollars building the same thing for “his new house”: 10 years and $100 later, I have the same technology. It’s even better: I don’t have to buy all the movies or maintain any hardware. For a very low price, anyone can have a huge database of movies at their fingertips already. Who says technology doesn’t move fast enough?

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