Euro Trash Beer

Belgian beer company InBev NV is “offering to buy Anheuser-Busch”: I hope they do, because I would love the irony of all the ‘mericans swilling Bud Light supporting a European company, based in a country that speaks a form of French (sacrebleu!), and they wouldn’t even know it. SABMiller, another European company, already owns Miller beer and MolsonCoors is not entirely American anymore. So with Anheuser-Busch, the last of the big three, no longer an American company we can finally say that American beers don’t suck.

2 thoughts on “Euro Trash Beer”

  1. Typical gay bashing America, and of course devoid of facts. Miller is owned by a South African company. And even if Inbev does take over Busch, it’s still going to be Busch products. And there are more American beers on the market (20,000 microbrews last count) than anywhere on earth. If you don’t like American beers, you dont’ like beer periiod. Your hostile hatred for America because only makes your left wing agenda a joke. It was America which introduced the world to Gat Pride, Gay Games, rainbow flag, rock n roll, the Interent, all those ‘merican things you seem to embrace. I’d say you suck!

  2. i don’t like crappy american beers. it wouldn’t take much reading of this site to see that I love American beers. to say i don’t like america because i don’t like the lousy A-B products makes no sense. what i really don’t like about america are the ignorant people like you who are filled with anger, can’t read or understand simple concepts and hide their ignorance and excuse their aggression by wrapping themselves in the flag.

    btw, i’m not gay, my wife’s name is “Gay” and my name is “Troy”, hence the site’s name “Troy & Gay”. homophobic jackass.

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