Touring Vancouver

On Friday, we drove up to Vancouver to celebrate Lee’s 40th Birthday. Mark and Lee live in London and have come back to Seattle for a couple weeks. We got a late start, we left Seattle at 2pm and got to the border by 4pm, but with Friday traffic into Vancouver, it took another hour to get to “our hotel”: We haven’t been to Vancouver since “Gay’s (late) birthday in 2005”:

The weather was perfect. We walked around Yaletown and went to dinner at “Yaletown Brewery”: Last time I remember really liking Yaletown Brewery, so much that we went twice while we were there. But this time it was disappointing. They only had five beers on tap: a hefeweizen, a light lager, a red ale, a pilsner and an IPA. I had the IPA, which had decent hop flavor but had a sour aftertaste that I didn’t like. My second beer was their flagship red ale, which was better, but still a red ale which I generally don’t like. The food was okay, my black and bleu burger was better than Gay’s Greek burger.

Havana had a rough night, waking up every 2-3 hours — she doesn’t like being in new places and the street noise in the hotel was too loud, certainly not as quiet as home. When she doesn’t sleep well, neither do we. We were tired most of Saturday. There’s a Starbucks right across the street from the hotel so we had breakfast there and then back to the hotel for Havana’s morning nap. After that we had a nice stroll along the marina at False Creek. We ate sandwiches we got from a local grocery store and Havana played on the swings and slides at a park.

A high school friend of Gay’s lives in Vancouver and we got her babysitter to watch Havana while we went out to Lee’s party Saturday night. We got dressed quickly and drove to “Lift Bar and Grill”: It was so warm in the sun and on the water that the cold champagne they were serving before dinner tasted too good to me, so I had too much. And the wine was flowing during dinner, which didn’t help my effort to not have a hangover the next day. Dinner was great (I had a beef tenderloin) and we met a lot of Mark & Lee’s friends that we’d never met before, including a couple that flew in from London. We had to leave the party early to relieve the babysitter at 10pm.

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