new music

I stumbled on to “The Decemberists”: last night on PBS in a replay of Austin City Limits. They played _Yankee Bayonet_ which features “Laura Veirs”: on vocals, which I like. And the second band on ACL was “Explosions in the Sky”:, which is an instrumental band similar to “Tortoise”: or “Mogwai”:, two other bands I like. I bought both albums on iTunes.

Note “the 9/11 conspiracy theories”: involving Explosions in the Sky:

bq. Explosions in the Sky released its album on September 10, 2001 and the next day, on September 11th, the skyline above Manhattan exploded in fire as Islamic terrorists crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center. Not only did the band’s name prefigure the attacks, but so did the album’s elegiac art work of angels tracing empyrean paths to a fiery orange heaven. And the creepiest detail of all is that the record had a track that was titled, unbelievably, “This Plane Will Crash Tomorrow,” which was subsequently removed from the album.

“Totally untrue”:, the album was released on August 27, 2001 or September 4, 2001, depending on who you ask, and never contained any such song title.

No reviews of the albums yet, just one listen each so far. The only other albums I’ve bought this year are R.E.M.’s _Accelerate_ (blah) and The Magnetic Fields’ _Distortion_ (also blah). 2008 has been pretty lousy for music. Good thing the new Coldplay is due out next month, now that’s sure to be good stuff. 😉

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