End of a gardening era

Our yard maintenance guy of over 3 years quit abruptly today in protest when we hired a neighbor’s kid to mow our lawn for the summer. I’m usually not surprised when adults are petty and juvenile, but I expected more from this guy, a guy who prides himself on his “metaphysical awareness”. What’s ironic is that he refused to mow our lawn for years thinking it beneath his skill-level and only started mowing the lawn last September when we went on vacation. I guess at some point between September and yesterday he decided that mowing a lawn was a core part of his being and taking that away from him was more than he could bear. In retrospect, I shouldn’t be so surprised… last year he complained that we were wasting our money and his time when he held a hose for hours on end watering our garden. So we added a sprinkler to our irrigation system so he wouldn’t have to do that, but he then expressed anger at the loss of that job. Some people just can’t find happiness.

One thought on “End of a gardening era”

  1. Hey,
    My dad has a landscaper who’s been keeping up the yard and gardens for years now and she’s really fantastic. I don’t know her name offhand but I could find out if you’re interested.

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