Date night at La Spiga

We had a rare date night last night and we went to “La Spiga”:, an Italian restaurant. These days when we go out we go early so we can get home and to bed by 9pm. This works out well for me because restaurants have this many people in them at 5:30pm:

La Spiga

I love having a restaurant all to myself — you get attentive service and you don’t overhear conversations between people who think they have something important enough to say that the whole restaurant needs to hear it. To be fair, the place was more crowded by the end of our dinner and there were no loud-talkers.

The food was good, not great, but good. I had gnocchi and a rack of lamb, which was cooked perfectly. Gay had a tagliatelle pasta with a meat sauce and veal dish for a second. I don’t know much about Italian wines but the waitress recommended a good one, which it should be at $14/glass. Since Gay can’t drink, I order glasses of wine at restaurants (unless it’s a good beer place) and I’ve discovered that a glass of wine is expensive these days. It must be more common now to order glasses of wine at restaurants. One glass of wine cost more than my first course!

The best part of the restaurant is the decor. It’s a large place with old exposed timber beams, concrete walls with steel fixtures. Very modern but still very casual.

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