More on McCain

The Onion’s “man-on-the-street interviews”: about McCain running close to Democrats in national polls:

bq. “The American people are getting harder and harder to predict when they start wanting a white man for president.”

Interestingly, McCain “technically isn’t a natural-born citizen”:, which is a requirement set in the Constitution to be President. He was born on a US military base in Panama. Congress has “a resolution up this week”: to special-case McCain to officially consider him a natural-born citizen. Of course he’s a citizen and should be eligible to be President, but I find it interesting how “strict Constitutionalists” (read: right-wing Republicans) seem to pick and choose what the Constitution says and what it doesn’t say, similar to the way the interpret the Bible to say what they want it to say.

I’d be willing to bet that if Hillary or Barack were in a similar situation that the Republicans in Congress wouldn’t be questioning their eligibility — they’d certainly question their patriotism. McCain could be a “Manchurian Candidate”: After spending so many years in a Vietnam prison camp, we can’t be sure that he wasn’t brainwashed by the communists, can we?

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