Adam Blum runs Boston Marathon

A friend of mine, “Adam Blum”:, ran the “Boston Marathon”: today in 3 hours 39 minutes, finishing 9,176 out of over 25,000 runners. Impressive! Congratulations, Adam!

I met Adam at my first job out of college in Bethesda, Maryland in 1991. He later left and went to a consultancy in Rosslyn, Virginia and eventually hired me. Years later, I went to Microsoft and moved to Seattle and soon after that, he also moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft. He’s gone on to several startups in Silicon Valley and we’ve only kept in touch loosely. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with but in spite of that, he somehow really got into triathlons and now ultra-marathons. He does a marathon every weekend and “blogs about it”:

2 thoughts on “Adam Blum runs Boston Marathon”

  1. Troy,

    Thanks for the kind words. Boston was great until the halfway mark (kissing the Wellesley girls). Cramped out shortly afterwards and had to keep stopping to stretch. So I finished in 3:39 after qualifying for Boston in Las Vegas in 3:10.
    Still running amidst thousands of screaming people the whole way was pretty exciting.
    That will actually be my last North American road marathon – only trail ultramarathons from now
    on (except I hope to do Berlin Marathon one day).

    Hope to see you guys in Seattle some day soon.

    – Adam

  2. Troy:

    It’s nice that you keep in touch with Adam once in awhile. Old friends
    are irreplacable. Dad remembers taking the two of you to lunch in Roslyn
    several years ago. You mentioned that Adam is the smartest person you
    have ever met, except for your Dad, of course!! (-:


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