The Pope visits US

In his “visit to the US”:, the Pope on pedophilia:

bq. “I would not speak at this moment about homosexuality, but pedophilia, which is another thing. And we would absolutely exclude pedophiles from the sacred ministry.”

It took the Catholic Church 359 years, in 1992, to admit that Earth revolved around the sun after Galileo proved it in 1663 (when they put him on trial for blasphemy). And here we are, just 16 years after they realized that, that they recognize that homosexuality and pedophilia are two different things. If this trend towards logic continues, the Catholic Church may reconsider its stance that birth control is murder.

Pedophiles will no longer be tolerated in the priesthood:

bq. The pope said church officials were going through the seminaries that train would-be priests to make sure that those candidates have no such tendencies. “We’ll do all that is possible to have a strong discernment, because it is more important to have good priests than to have many priests,” he said.

They’re going to discern pedophiles from non-pedophiles. I can’t wait to find out what tests they will use to figure out who is a pedophile. If they can do that, why didn’t they figure out tests to discover who is a murderer thousands of years ago? Maybe they can discern terrorists too and we can stop taking off our shoes in airports.

The Pope on secularism:

bq. But he said the United States was interesting because it “started with positive idea of secularism.”

bq. “This new people was made of communities that had escaped official state purges and wanted a lay state, a secular state that opened the possibility for all confessions and all form of religious exercise,” he added. “Therefore it was a state that was intentionally secular. It was the exact opposite of state religion, but it was secular out of love for religion and for an authenticity that can only be lived freely.”

The Pope likes secularism that the US was founded on. Yet he is the head of Vatican City, a state within Rome that has no separation from the Church. Freedom of religion is great for everyone, except those in Vatican City.

2 thoughts on “The Pope visits US”

  1. Abortion IS murder. If you don’t think so, try punching a pregnant woman in the stomach and see if you don’t get arrested for attempted murder or murder if it results in an aborted fetus. Yes, I know many of you will say that it’s a woman’s right to do with her body as she pleases, but what of the father’s right to protect his unborn child? Plain and simple, people need to start taking appropriate precautions before having sex.

  2. What a retarded analogy. That’s typical conservative extremism logic. Killing mosquitos is murder then too, right?

    Who said that the father shouldn’t have a say in it?

    If only “appropriate precautions” were 100% perfect. Mark Baker must be the one human being to never make a mistake. Or have a mistake forced upon him.

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