Los Gatos to Eugene, Oregon

The longest day of driving yet. We left Los Gatos Tuesday morning at 8:30am and 570 miles later got to Eugene at 7pm. That’s an average of 54 MPH including stops! Not bad.

Mt. Shasta in Oregon:

Mt. Shasta

We hit traffic almost immediately, routed around it and got to “Vacaville, CA”:http://www.ci.vacaville.ca.us/ before Havana needed a break. Next stop was in “Willows, CA”:http://www.city-data.com/city/Willows-California.html for lunch at Subway and some time in the town playground to give Havana some activity. A diaper-change in “Dunsmuir, CA”:http://ci.dunsmuir.ca.us/n/cod/ and a stop at a rest stop in Oregon were all that were needed to get to Eugene.

After a relaxing dinner again at Steelhead Brewery, we checked into the hotel, watched some TV and went to bed.

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