It's good to be home!

We left the hotel in Eugene, Oregon at 8:30am and got home at 1:40pm with just one stop in Lacey, WA for coffee and a diaper-change. Total driving was 2,581 miles.

Havana was a great little traveller, she slept in the car almost on her normal schedule, ate while driving and only cried when she needed her diaper changed, was hungry or was really really bored. Each time we stopped, even 10 minutes was enough to get her out of the car seat and walk her around to look at things and she was happy to go back in the car again.

At the hotels she slept in her “Pack ‘n Play”: just like it was her normal bed. We brought the comforter, bumpers and blankets from her crib so it was just like home. We usually put it in the bathroom where it was dark and almost every night she went to sleep without any problems and slept through the night.

At restaurants she was well-behaved, only a few times squealing with giddyness when she got her food and she made friends with other customers at almost every restaurant. She usually left a mess under her highchair so we always tipped extra well to cover that hassle for the waiter/waitress.

Gas prices seemed pretty normal, the highest we saw was $4.05/gallon for premium in Los Gatos, but we never paid more than $3.80/gallon or less than $3.40/gallon.

A map of the trip:

2 thoughts on “It's good to be home!”

  1. Glad you arrived home safely. Havana is a model traveler! What a joy! Can’t wait to see her again and you. Love, Mom/Dad-G/G


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