San Francisco to Los Gatos

We were planning to go home on Monday but decided to go to Los Gatos instead. After a quick stop at Starbucks, we headed south out of the city. We hit rush hour traffic so exited the highway and drove through Silicon Valley (again).

We found ourselves in Sunnyvale so drove by Yahoo! for old time’s sake since they’re likely to be acquired by Microsoft soon and Yahoo will surely disappear for one reason or another. We were then headed right by Apple again so we stopped in to see if we could get into the company store since we were there on the weekend when it’s closed. We could get in and found they sell the usual swag (pens, keychains, clothes, etc.), so we bought some shirts and coffee mugs.

We eventually made it to Los Gatos to our hotel, appropriately named “Hotel Los Gatos”: We had lunch at their Greek (!) restaurant, Deo Deka. This is the best Greek food I’ve had in many many years.

Appetizers at Deo Deka

Lamb at Deo Deka

Gyro at Deo Deka

After lunch, we checked into the hotel and took off again for a little drive around Los Gatos and nearby Saratoga. We drove around the area some more before getting Havana to bed and room service for dinner.

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