21st Amendment Brewpub review

I’d heard of “The 21st Amendment”:http://21st-amendment.com from “The Brewing Network”:http://thebrewingnetwork.com/, a 4-hour once-a-week radio show (and “podcast”:http://www.thebrewingnetwork.com/archive.php) that is what Howard Stern would be if he only talked about beer and brewing beer (and I mean that in a good way, I love Howard Stern). I’m still not sure what the affiliation is between the show and this brewpub, but there’s something that links the two. I like the show when I can spare 4 hours to listen to it so I was very curious about 21st Amendment. On our visit to San Francisco, I finally got the chance and dragged my wife and infant daughter to the place to check it out.

21st Amendment Brewpub

I had the IPA and the Pale Ale, both were very good. But it took a long time to get our drinks after they were ordered. How long does it take to pour a beer? We went at 1pm on a Sunday and they only had five of their beers on tap. I really wanted to try their Double Trouble Imperial IPA(India Pale Ale), “The beer to bring world peace and end the war”, so I asked the waitress if I could buy their other beers to-go and she said we _might_ be able to buy some of the regular IPA but no other beers. They have a slogan on the coasters and the t-shirts: “We drink what we can. We can what we drink.”, which is an ad for their canned beers. By that, you’d think they can their beers so you can buy them. But they only can *one* of their beers! The waitress said they sell growlers but that they were “all out of growlers”. What does that mean? Do they pre-fill growlers? That’d be weird.

I got a little sticker-shock at the price of a beer: $5.50! At a place they brew their own beer and have no middlemen they should be able to charge less, not more. The beer is good, but not $5.50 good.

What about the restaurant? The food was about average and the service was below average. I ordered the onion rings with my sandwich and they “hadn’t yet made the onion rings” so I had to get fries instead. Again, this was Sunday at 1pm and they hadn’t made the onion rings yet — when were they planning to make them? The place was fairly busy, we had to wait five minutes to be seated, but the hostess spent most of the time we were there reading the paper while other people were clearing tables and our waitress had to be flagged down to get anything.

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