SLO to Monterey

We drove to Avila Beach and then back to SLO to catch Highway 1 up the coast to Monterey. We arrived in Monterey at 4pm.

Our first stop on Highway 1 was the “Hearst Castle”: in San Simeon. They give tours of the castle, William Randolph Hearst’s house, but the tours are an hour and forty-five minutes and baby strollers are not allowed. We didn’t want to spend that much time there and I didn’t want to carry Havana around for that long either. So we didn’t take the tour. We walked through the little museum instead and Havana had some snacks outside.

Back in the car and up Highway 1 for a couple hours to “Carmel”: This was another curvy road, but not as bad as earlier roads and the view over the Pacific Ocean on a sunny day was worth it. We stopped in Carmel for lunch at a little Italian place. It was sunny out so we sat outside by ourselves and watched the people walk by. Havana had a grilled cheese sandwich, which was pretty tasty to me too. Gay and I had bruschetta for a starter and I had duck and goat cheese ravioli and Gay had gnocchi. Both were very good with a glass of wine.

We walked around the town a bit after lunch. Carmel is very quaint, one of the few towns I’d describe that way that we’ve visited on this trip. We then drove 5 miles up the road to Monterey to spend the night. We were tired and Havana went to bed early so we stayed in and ordered room service.

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