Napa to San Luis Obispo

We left Thursday morning at 9:30am and arrived in San Luis Obispo by 3:30pm. This was the best drive of the trip, good weather, little traffic and great scenery.

We had to stop for two Havana breaks, in “Gilroy”: (home of the famous “Garlic Festival”: for a diaper change and in “King City”: for lunch.

After checking into the hotel, we drove to downtown SLO for dinner at the “Downtown Brewery”: The food was so-so and the beer was too. Unfortunately, I left the camera at the hotel so no photos. There’s a Farmer’s Market every Thursday evening, so we walked through that for a while. It’s less of a Farmer’s Market and more of a street fair — there was very little produce, it was mostly local businesses with stands showing off what they’re selling.

We stayed at the “Embassy Suites”:, which has a nice atrium. But at night, the bar in the atrium is open until 11pm and voices echo throughout the atrium, so we could hear the conversations from the bar better than our own conversation. And of course, in such a situation, there’s always one guy with a hearty laugh who laughs every few minutes. The noise went on until almost midnight. Havana could sleep through it, though.

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