Napa Valley

On Tuesday, we strolled around the hotel’s grounds and had lunch at the cafe. Little birds (Starlings?) were all around the outside dining area and ever since she discovered birds in Mexico, Havana loves to point out birds — she points and says “bir-duh”. These birds weren’t shy, they landed right on our table and hopped around. This shocked Havana, she’d flinch when they moved and they got so close she got scared and started crying.


We had a great dinner at “The Farm”: For starters, we had tuna carpaccio and the foie gras. The tuna had a glaze of -pesto- basil sauce, but what really made it was the breadcrumbs, really tiny croutons, sprinkled on it. The foie gras had quince paste in the middle and was served with a small brioche bun. For dinner, I had the duck breast with caramelized onions, Gay had venison with braised cabbage. For dessert, we split a chocolate fondant cake with ice cream. Havana had a blast watching all the people and gnawing on her new favorite chewtoy: a wine cork. And the wait staff entertained her all night.

Foie Gras

Tuna Carpaccio

Wednesday was a little Napa wine tour. We drove up Highway 29 to Calistoga where we walked around the town. It’s a very tiny town, so it only took a few minutes to traverse the entire downtown area. We stopped to get sandwiches to go and a bottle of wine and took off down the Silverado Trail to our first winery, “August Briggs”: We tasted a few wines, bought a couple bottles there and sat outside the winery on picnic tables and had our lunch. We stopped at “Plumpjack”:, “Silver Oak”: and “Stag’s Leap”: before we got tired of wineries. The weather was great and there are few tourists during the week so it was a nice drive around the valley.

This is a great time to visit Napa Valley, there’s hardly anyone here, everything’s open and the weather’s great.

We went to dinner at “Boon Fly Café”:, part of The Carneros Inn. Havana had a margarita pizza, Gay had the pappardelle with short ribs and I had the breast of chicken with risotto. Once again, Havana turned around in her highchair to watch the other guests in the restaurant and ignore us.

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