Eureka to Napa, California

Monday was a long day. We left Eureka at 9:30am after a quick breakfast and coffee at the hotel and got to Napa by 6pm.

Avenue of the Giants

We drove through the “Avenue of the Giants”:, where we went 10 years ago. We couldn’t find the place we stopped last year that had bigger and better fallen trees, but we drove the entire length of the route excluding the part that was closed. That was probably where we were last. We got some photos of Havana in the forest, which was the goal anyway.

We got off Highway 101 and onto Highway 1 to Fort Bragg. That is a very windy road, lots of hairpin turns. Fortunately, Havana was asleep the entire time so she didn’t get upset about the twists and turns. The E-Shift™ transmission came in handy, I could shift manually and save wear and tear on my braking foot going around the bends.

By 1:30pm we arrived in Fort Bragg and went to the “Scrimshaw”:, North Coast Brewery’s brewpub, for lunch. We went to the brewery’s gift shop for an Old Stock Ale glass and a 4-pack of “Brother Thelonious Abbey Ale”:, one of the beers we sampled and a beer that is unavailable in Seattle.


After lunch, we continued south for 15 minutes to Mendocino. We got some coffee, drove around the town a bit and then back on the highway. Havana napped again for a while before we stopped in Cloverdale to give her a break from her car seat.

We drove through traffic between Santa Rosa and Sonoma and arrived at our hotel, “The Carneros Inn”:, by 6pm.

Gas mileage-wise, we’re doing just as the EPA predicted for the car — on the first tankful from Seattle to Grant’s Pass we got 26.4 MPG. From there to Napa we got 24.5 MPG, probably due to the slower windy roads on the coast of California. The car is rated at 16/24 city/highway MPG, and we do get about 16 MPG in the city driving around Seattle. The EPA’s “new rating system for 2008”: seems to be far more accurate than the old one.

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