Eugene, Oregon to Eureka, California

We left Eugene Sunday at 10am. Havana quickly fell asleep for almost two hours, enough time to reach Grant’s Pass for gas and some play time at the park. The road through the Redwood Forest was windy, so it was slow-going, but we got to Eureka by 4pm. We checked into the hotel and had a glass of wine while Havana got a break from her car seat crawling around the room.

We took a walk around downtown Eureka and had dinner at the Lost Coast Brewery. The beer was okay, the food was acceptable. We went back to the room early to put a tired Havana to bed.

Lost Coast Brewpub

I wanted a glass of wine so I got the wine list from the hotel. Yikes, the wine list was about 80 pages long, 20 were just California cabernets. And no bottle was under $100 — they even had bottles of Screaming Eagle for $2200-4000! After a half-hour of trying to pick a wine, I gave up and just opened the bottle in the room’s honor bar. We watched _The 40 Year-Old Virgin_ on network TV and went to bed.

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