Seattle to Eugene, OR

We left this morning on the 11:10am ferry. After 2.5 hours, Havana was tired of sitting in the car so we stopped in “Kalama, WA”: to let her out to walk around. We went to the little playground in town and Havana sat on a rocker horse and watched two other kids run around the jungle jim.

After another three hours, we arrived in Eugene, checked into the hotel and went out to dinner at a very crowded “Steelhead Brewery”: After six hours in the car, barely anything to eat all day and a cranky baby, the Steelhead brewpub was perfect: we got a big table in the corner and the place was loud so Havana could make all the noise she wanted and people-watch and we could relax with beer and food.


One of their seasonal beers was an Imperial IPA that they call “Hoppasaurus Rex”. It was slightly fruity and deliciously hoppy and the place was so busy, I almost finished it before our appetizers came and watched Havana bounce in her highchair and watch all the activity outside the window. We had a quesadilla appetizer and for dinner I had the Bleu Burger with onion rings and their Monkey Juice Pilsner, a hoppy pilsner.



“See the photoset”: at Flickr.

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