11 Years in Seattle

Today is the 11-year anniversary of my first day at Microsoft. I remember this because of the date: 3/3. How did I end up here? I had always wanted to move to San Francisco since visiting the area several times on business. My employer, a software consulting company, was trying to open an office in San Jose and they were going to have me open the office. They dragged their feet for almost a year and by that time, Microsoft offered me a job so I took it so I could at least get to the west coast. I figured getting to the west coast and having it completely paid-for by Microsoft would make it easier to eventually move to San Francisco.

My plan was to work at Microsoft for several years, say 5 or so, and then start my own software company in San Francisco. I met Gay, we started dating in 1998, I quit Microsoft in 1999 and somehow convinced Gay to start a software business with me. I’m still here in Seattle even though I told myself I’d never want to live in rainy Seattle for long. It turns out that I love Seattle, including the rain.

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