Credit Card number stolen

I discovered 14 fraudulent charges on our credit card a few weeks ago totaling over $7,000. Our credit cards were not stolen and the charges were all made at physical stores in the Seattle area, so someone is carrying a physical card that has had the magnetic strip changed to use our number. In 16+ years of using credit cards, I’ve never had this happen although “it’s apparently very common”:

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First Steps

Havana took her first two (not one, but two!) steps today. She stood on her own in front of her mom and, after some coaxing, took two baby steps towards me with no help. It was enough to reach my hands and Gay broke down in tears (girls!). We didn’t get a photo or video, unfortunately.

Deschutes Brewery's The Abyss

“Deschutes”:, one of my favorite breweries, makes an Imperial Stout called “The Abyss”: in their “Reserve Series”. It’s brewed with licorice and molasses and is aged in oak _bourbon_ barrels so I was really looking forward to it. I had the 2007 vintage last night:

Deschutes The Abyss

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Spring Snow

Crikey, a week into Spring and it’s snowing!


It snowed on Wednesday evening, yesterday (followed by sun) and now today. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow too. None of it has stuck but today’s snow appears to be sticking now.

1:30pm update: Still snowing and we have about 1/4-inch of snow.

3:30pm update: Snow is gone and the sun is out. Just confirms the adage about Seattle weather: If you don’t like the weather in Seattle, wait 15 minutes.

My Brother met the President

My brother works at “ColorCraft”: in Virginia and President Bush “visited yesterday”: He shook his hand and got a photograph with him. It’ll take a few weeks to get the photograph since the Secret Service doesn’t allow bystanders to carry cameras.

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My Kid Could Paint That

We watched “My Kid Could Paint That”: last night, a documentary about “Marla Olmstead”:, a 4-year-old girl (now 7), who paints abstract art that turns out to be very good. It’s a good documentary but it’s consumed by the argument about whether or not she’s a fraud — some believe her father helps her after “60 Minutes did a story on her”:

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