Pigs' House (What $150K buys in the Seattle area)

Our neighbors _finally_ sold their house and moved. Price: $150,000. The new owners are cleaning it up so we got the chance to go inside and check it out. Bear in mind that the house has been cleaned up by the new owners.

We affectionately refer to them as “The Pigs” because they used to own two pot-bellied pigs that roamed the property and we never knew their last name.

h1. History (as we heard it)

When we met the father, Ed, we were walking our dogs and he called us over to introduce himself. A couple minutes into the conversation he announced that he doesn’t molest his children. He explained that no matter what we heard (we hadn’t heard anything… yet) and no matter what the court documents said, he did not molest his daughter. He explained that the neighbors are all out to get him and make him look bad.

The mother grew up in the house, so she’s lived there for 40+ years! She was given the house by her father who -lives in California now- +still lives on Vashon+. We later heard that their oldest daughter was taken away from them because he had molested her. She lives in Seattle or California and has never returned to the house.

Their 22-year old son lived there off and on and did petty crimes in the neighborhood; he stole our mail twice once getting a DVD (sorry Netflix!) and he broke into another neighbor’s classic Mercedes to get spare change and ferry tickets. We filed a police report and the first thing the officer said was “Jonathan’s back in town.” We’d see him in downtown Vashon on occassion hanging out in the park. He mostly seemed to live in a van parked on the property.

The parents divorced and she started dating some new guy, who started out looking okay but he devolved into a crystal-meth smoker. Gay once ran into him at the grocery store buying a single beer with change. Everyone knows classy people buy lots of beer with a credit card. 🙂

Other neighbors, Bill and Milly, a sweet older couple who have lived here for 30 years, have a long history with them and lots of police involvement. Ed explained to us that Bill was the biggest drug-dealer in Washington State and also a pimp running a large prostitution ring that included Ed’s own wife against her will. Crystal meth apparently makes you a paranoid delusional.

The saddest thing (besides the alleged child molestation) was the two youngest kids, Amanda (12?) and “Li’l Joe” (7?), lived in this house and rarely went to school. Amanda was like the pretty girl in The Munsters and very polite. Li’l Joe seemed to have a learning disability. Both stopped going to school and we’d see Li’l Joe playing barefoot in the mud in the front yard in the winters.

Several weeks ago we heard that they had sold the place but didn’t believe it. Then I ran into the guy who bought it. He buys property, fixes it up and flips them. We’ll see how much he puts into this place.

h1. Photos

You can only imagine the smell of this place. Be thankful that there’s no smell-o-vision. And this is very cleaned up, the yard used to be full of cars, broken appliances, furniture and tons of trash.

The front facade

The bathroom:

The bathroom

The kitchen sink plumbing:

The plumbing

See “more”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/troyh/sets/72157604008379222/ at Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Pigs' House (What $150K buys in the Seattle area)

  1. Oh my God – no surprises here but how disgusting and horrible to think of all that may have gone on. Thank goodness you are free of those nasty people.

  2. No, they seem to be talking about really fixing it up. They guy I talked to joked that he should just push it over and rebuild a house, but he laughed so hard at that idea I think he really thought it was a joke.

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