Lexus LS 460L is almost perfect

Consumer Reports gave “my car”:, the Lexus LS 460L, “99 out of 100 points”: and ranked it #1 in the Luxury Sedan category in their 2008 Best & Worst Cars:

bq. With a score of 99 out of 100 in our road test, the LS is our highest-rated vehicle. It provides a no-compromise environment of comfort and roominess, coupled with an isolating quietness. It also delivers quick acceleration and relatively good fuel economy. This car is brimming with electronic amenities, but the controls are easy to use. “See the video”:

I’m not a fan of Consumer Reports and their empty/half/full circle rating scheme and the emphasis they put on things consumers shouldn’t care about — or, at least, the things I don’t care about — but they do occasionally get things right. 🙂

And I don’t have the LS 460L, I have the LS 460 (no L).

Source: “The Passionate Pursuit”:

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