Mexico vacation

Back from a 9-day vacation in Mexico, between Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita. “A photoset is on Flickr”: Our friends Jon and Megan also came down for most of the time too and Jon made great margaritas.


The weather was great, the food was good and I spent most of the time relaxing and reading. I finished two books and started a third which is the most productive reading I’ve ever done on a vacation.

One “trick” Havana does now is to smile at the camera when she’s photographed. I don’t know how she learned this, but as soon as she notices the camera pointing at her, she quickly smiles. I captured a video of her doing this, which shows how she does it only for the photo as she quickly returns to whatever she was doing before the photo:

We visited the town of Bucerias for dinner and it happened to be on the final day of their town festival. The streets were crowded with food stands and there was a carnival in the town square. When we were in France in 2005, pre-baby, we stumbled on a similar festival and we watched all the kids ride the merry-go-round and all their parents taking photos of them and imagined one day we’d be those people. Here’s proof:


I’m glad to be back in Seattle where I can drink good beer and wine again, though.

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