Generator is ready to go!

A year since the big outage last year, the generator is finally installed and connected. Today Suburban Propane finished the hook-up to the 250 gallon tank we had installed last week. The electrician did the final electrical hook-up today. We tested the system by cutting power from the utility, 7 seconds later the generator started up and about 15 seconds after that the transfer switch switched the house’s power to the generator.

It’s even bearable volume-wise. Here’s how it sounds up-close and from about 40 feet away under heavy load (the furnace running in the house). At normal load, it’s even quieter.

Gary doing his final electrical work:

Generator & Gary

The Transfer switch:

Transfer switch

The electricians had to re-wire the existing panels to consolidate the core stuff into one panel that would be powered by the generator:

Re-wired panels

Now that we have a generator, our neighbors should thank us, we’ve probably guaranteed that we’ll have no power outages in the area.

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