Sports talk

It’s impossible to listen to any sports talk without hearing these phrases:

*Having said that,…*: Those are useless words. I know you just said that, don’t tell me you just said it, just make your next point. The next clause in this statement either contradicts the previous point or it affirms the previous point. If your next point contradicts your previous point, you don’t have a point or an opinion, you’re just talking to hear yourself talk. If it affirms your previous point, don’t add this transitional phrase, just make your next point, we can understand.

*It goes without saying…*: It doesn’t go without saying because you just said it.

*It is what it is.*: This is legitimate insightful commentary in sports circles. The questioner asks something like “Why is the team’s win/loss record blah and blah?” and the answer is “It is what it is.” That’s probably true, but it’s a nonsense statement.

*At this point in time,*: Another useless phrase. “At this point,” is valid, but adding “in time” is redundant. It can’t be a point that is not in time, can it?

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